web tracker Brandon Brice: “It’s time black republicans had their own agenda”

Brandon Brice: “It’s time black republicans had their own agenda”

“Black Republicans and those who identify as conservative must begin to adopt their own political agenda and platforms.”

Those are the words of Brandon Brice, a political commentator, columnist and conservative.

Brice is widely known for his appearances on MSNBC, Fox News, C-SPAN, Ebony.com, Washington Times, the Detroit News and more.

Not only is he a highly sought after individual in the field of political commentary, but he’s an outspoken moderate conservative with interesting viewpoints on current issues and socio-economic problems affecting communities.

Brice has spent a lot of his time leading new community initiatives in Michigan.

In an email interview with one of our reporters, Brice has some insights about the GOP.

“The Grand Old Party, since its beginning, has always supported free-market ideas and policies to help uplift some, not all, from poverty. In today’s economy, small businesses are the backbone of our local economies,” said Brice.

Brice says his perspectives are different from the typical Republican and insists on the term conservative.

“African American candidates should support and promote policies surrounding prison reform, education alternatives, public safety and address the barriers around access to capital for the millions of small minority-owned black business,” says Brice.

Brice says these businesses typically hire from within the community and by supporting them, people are supporting the entire community as well as its many hard-working minorities.

“Unlike our white counterparts in the GOP, black Republicans simply can’t continue to sell the same message to a community that consistently remains vulnerable and underrepresented from previous unfair economic policies,” says Brice.  Instead, black Republican candidates and stakeholders should adopt procedures that directly impact black families and children.”

But that’s not all. Brice is full of ideas that he believes will better America.

In an interview with The Detroit News in July, Brice advocated for job growth and education reform.

“We’re not talking enough about the sort of education it will take to succeed in the 21st century,” says Brice.

Throughout his career, Brice has learned a lot about community development and the way policies affect communities.

The Michigan Chronicle named Brice the 2018 Man of Excellence for his work with youth in Detroit.

He served as Director of Education and African American Affairs for New Jersey Governor Chris J. Christie.

In 2018, Brandon was a recipient of the Spirit of Detroit Award for his commitment to workforce development programs for youth in metro Detroit.

Brice says he wants black republicans to adopt their own stance on the policies that matter, believing people can change more than they think and that they should advocate for better education, economic policies, and representation.”

As a political commentator, Brice has been a spectator of both politicians and constituents over the years.

He says it’s important that the right voices get heard so that the changes that need to happen can take place.

To learn more about Brandon Brice, you can visit his website at www.brandonbrice.com 

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